3 Simple Questions to CONNECT with your VISION for 2019.

3 Simple Questions to CONNECT with your VISION for 2019.

Do you have a vision for 2019?

Now, I’m not talking resolutions that feel unsustainable, full of self-criticism, judgement and leave you energetically drained. I’m talking about an inspired and uplifted connection to what and how you want to experience this year?


Anchoring yourself in an inspired vision CREATES a sense of PEACE and ORDER that can serve you during times of excess busyness, overwhelm and exhaustion. It acts like a beacon for what you allow yourself to say YES to, guides you in “owning your NO” when you need to, and reminds you of what is important and meaningful to you at this moment in your life.

Your vision is your ROAD MAP. Giving context to your journey. Showing you where you want to go, what speed bumps and potholes you need to look out for and what detours might be worth taking.

This is a beautiful time to REFRESH your VISION. To connect. To get inspired.

To help you connect with your vision, I invite you to play with these 3 simple questions.

What do I want to EXPERIENCE more of this year?

How do I want to FEEL more of the time?

What patterns do I keep repeating that I AM READY to RELEASE now?

Grab your journal, breathe deeply and ask yourself these 3 simple questions. No judgement and No agenda. Just see what comes up. Is there a THEME that emerges? A WORD that captures the essence of your vision? Write it down in a prominent place and let it guide you throughout the year.

If you would like to dive more deeply in creating your Vision for 2019, I invite you to JOIN ME for my upcoming workshop, “CREATE YOUR VISION 2019”, on Sunday Jan 27th where we will CREATE your VISION BOARD for 2019 so that you can

  • Have a simple tool that you can use DAILY to go from feeling scattered & anxious to focused and grounded

  • Uncover what is most important to you, so that you can let go of “shiny object syndrome” and instead say yes to projects, people and possibilities that really light you up

  • Get off autopilot and instead feel inspired, knowing that you are creating and manifesting what truly matters to you in 2019


Wishing you an inspired year,


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