How a Can of Paint Created Summer Bliss.

How a Can of Paint Created Summer Bliss.

You know that moment when your body says STOP, but your mind overrides it with...”but I have SO much I NEED to DO”...and then you drop a full tin of paint in the parking lot because you didn’t listen? 

That was me last weekend. 

After 4 weekends straight of painting our suite, moving house, and then spending another 4 more painting our new home, amidst the general chaos of moving and balancing work and life.

This gorgeous, sweet, yet very short summer was passing me by. My body kept saying GO OUTSIDE, but my mind kept saying, just ONE MORE thing. 

And then the spilled tin of paint. 

I should have listened. I know better. 

Have you ever pushed through when you’re body is saying NO but your mind is coaxing you to “JUST DO ONE MORE THING”?

Put an emoticon in the comments if you know what I’m talking about!

This weekend, I listened to my body. 

The result, 2 AMAZING days of summer bliss! 

AND, I feel SO much more grounded, more inspired and ready to CREATE a reality I’m excited about. 

Are you pushing past the signals of your body? If so, take a breath, honour yourself, and affirm. 

“I enjoy restful relaxation time and I TRUST the universe to work and create on my behalf, even stronger during my time when I’m relaxing and taking down time”

“I give myself permission to take a break”

“I trust the signals of my body”


Do you need to go from “BURNTOUT to BLISSED OUT”?

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FOCUS on Gratitude

FOCUS on Gratitude

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