More than enough TIME

More than enough TIME

Have you been struggling lately with the idea that there's not enough time to fit it all in?

Maybe one of these feels familiar…

Not enough time to exercise.

Not enough time for self-care

Not enough time to connect with their family

Not enough time to connect with their friends

Not enough time to rest

Not enough time to be of service in a way that feels meaningful.


When you're in the cycle of time poverty, you find yourself rushing. RUSHING, TYPICALLY TAKES MORE TIME....

You bump into something and cut now you need to spend time taking care of the blood and find a band-aid but the band-aid isn't in the location you thought it would it takes even more time.


You drop the bowl of curry on the your white jeans so now you need to spend time changing and finding a new outfit. Only problem is, the laundry isn't put away yet, so it takes even more time to dig through the pile of laundry that hasn't been folded yet. AND. you still have to deal with that stain on your white jeans before it sets in and ruins for favorite pants it takes even more time.


You get in the car to leave your house, only to remember that you forgot your lunch. You rush back in grab it. Get back in the car, and then remember that you forgot to grab your running shoes for your workout at the gym this afternoon. You go back inside, grab it and then get back in the car. More time. Oops. You forgot your "travel cup" for your morning "coffee" stop. One more trip back inside. More time spent.

and on and on it goes...

What if instead, the next time you're feeling time pressure in your day and you notice yourself rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off, you took a moment to...



Put the following mantra on AUTO-REPEAT


Time is Cyclical. You can't run out of it AND you can be prosperous in time if you allow yourself to be.

Feel your body relax.

Feel your mind calm down.

Let your nervous system settle.


If you’re struggling with Time Poverty that is costing your sanity, and you know you need help to make a shift but don’t know how, I invite you to schedule a free “Burn Out Assessment” with me.

We’ll identify your top time suckers that are draining your battery and the number one thing you can do to move towards time prosperity!

SUPER SIMPLE strategy to get MORE TIME back for your life!

SUPER SIMPLE strategy to get MORE TIME back for your life!