Perfect or Progress. Which do you choose?

Perfect or Progress. Which do you choose?

"Waiting for Perfect is never as mart as making Progress" -- S. Godin via Coleen Arneil.

Wow, I've really been noticing just how HUGE of a struggle this is for the women in my Burnt Out to Blissed Out program.

This idea that everything has to be perfect before even getting started. Shame on Instagram and!

Here's one of my personal favourite stories about how "letting go of perfect" creates space for awesome progress...

In the early stages of my business, a friend of mine suggested that I reach out and network with a colleague in a similar industry as me. In fact, she suggested it quite a few times over the course of A YEAR, before I actually did anything about it.

Why? Because I couldn't think of the "perfect thing" to say in an introductory letter to go with my promo material.

THANK GAWD I had hired a coach at the time who decidedly told me to "Put a Sticky Note on it, with my name and number". So that's what I did. I put a sticky note on it and walked it across the street and gave it to her.

THE RESULT: She became one of the biggest sources of referrals in my business to date!

All because I let perfection go and put a "Sticky Note" on it!

Where are YOU holding your self back from making progress because you're waiting for Perfection???

Would love to hear!



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